Payment Method - ChinaBank


    1) Please read the cancellation refunds policy before you pay.

    2) For security reasons and to avoid paying twice, if you pay balance for the same group name, our syestem will add     "-2" after the original number automatically.  (eg. SW-MI-20101010 Helen-2)  

Credit Card type: visa only
Item:  (eg: China tour, Hotel Name, Ticketing , Car Rent)

Booking Number:

 (eg: MI-20101010 Helen)
Amount(Pay in CNY): *
Guest Name:  


Daily Payment Limit by China Bank


On our China Bank system, a customer can pay maximal RMB 30,000 for a time, while for the same credit card, a maximum of RMB 50,000 is limited within one day.  One credit card can only pay three times within one day.


Sometimes if a customer cannot succeed to pay, it might be due to the limit of your credit card.


Therefore, if you are to pay RMB 30,000 via China Bank and fail for the first time, you'd better double-check whether there is something wrong with your credit card before your second try. We recommend you to pay only RMB 20,000 for your second try. Then pay the balance for the 3rd try today or pay tomorrow. You can also change a payment method of pay via credit card on PayPal.


What is next?


Step 1 - Pay online
You will visit the secure page of CHINA BANK.   Please follow the procedure to pay online.  Then you will visit our THANK YOU page.   Your booking will be submitted to China Discover / Sinoway Travel.  


Step 2 - Confirmation
We will check our bank account. One of our Travel Advisors will contact you to follow up every small details.


Step 3 - Work on details

Alternatively, our trip advisor may ask for more information so that he/she can design the best possible trip plan. He/she will work with you until your program is just what you want.


Step 4 - Telephones

We often find that talking with customers on the telephone provides a better method to iron out problems or questions. Please do not hesitate to call us or ask our travel advisor to call you.


In case you want to make a phone call, please call us at:


Outside China:
+86 20 37251788    +86 20 37251788 EXT 211     +86 20 37251788 EXT 221


In China:
+020 37251788    +020 37251788 EXT 211     +020 37251788 EXT 221


Step 5 - Office hour
Our office hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm(GMT+8 hours), 7 days a week. Please notice the time difference. After office hour, you will be shifted to the voice mail. If it is hard to explain more details in a voice mail, it is better to send us a note by email.