Currency Devaluation


Cost in China is going up


Our rates online are quoted in currency of US dollors.  The value of Chinese currency has increased 30% in 2006 to 2008.  Now we are facing another time of big risk.


Eventually, Sinoway Travel will pay all the cost for your trip, to our suppliers in China in Chinese currency. Suppliers include hotels, airlines, cruise companies, coaches, etc.


For a semilar 10 days China trip you saw online just now, might be more expensive if you book three months later.   You might have to pay 10% to 40% more, due to the currency devaluation of US dollors. Or you have to cancel the whole China vacation, only because it is too expensive.


Sinoway Travel takes the risk currency devaluation now.


Different exchange rate of Deposit and Balance
After you have paid the deposit in USD or Euro, we will arrange your trip; start to book everything in advance for you. We will ask you to arrange the balance of this booking 30 days before your trip to China starts. Usually it is 3-6 months later than your first payment of deposit.   When you will arrange the balance of your payment, the value of Chinese currency might increase for another 10%.  


Full payment is highly appreciated
So please orrange full payment to us today, and Sinoway Travel will cash it into Chinese Currency as soon as we receive it!


Go to our payment page now


Currency Devaluation


We are facing high risk of currency devaluation of US dollor and Euro.


currency devaluation


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