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How to select a reliable tour agency in China


They are plenty of travel agencies in China, both government ones and those privately owned, which can book tours, provide cars and guides, issue air tickets and arrange visa extensions.


A lot of the budget agencies also double as restaurant-cafes, which offer cheap eats, rooms for rent and Internet access. Some agencies capture a large share of the local "fast-food" tourist market, in particular the cheap "open tours", "seat-in coach", or "Join-in tours", which shuttle travelers in buses from different hotels in the city, visit those "must-go" famous tour attractions, it is convenient and safe when you are traveling alone, what you need to do is register in advance, but need to be ready for wasting time for waiting for other passengers, for your shuttle bus picks up passengers from different hotels in the morning, and drop them off one by one when the program finishes.


Many hotels in China also pedal tours, however it is not advisable to book trips through hotels. Though the prices are roughly the same (the hotels collecting a sales commission from the agents), booking directly with the tour operators will give a much better idea of what you will get for your money, who it is you'll be traveling with, and also with how many other people.


There has been a stream of complaints lately about "Join-in tours" or "Budget tours" in China. The biggest issue seems to be the gap between what they promise and what they actually deliver. Competition is fierce, and cut-throat price cutting among various tour operators has driven the cost of tours so low that in some cases it has become difficult to provide a satisfactory product. Sometimes the profit margin for the tour operator is so slim the only way for them to make any money is to increase the number of customers, and in doing so, lower the quality of the tour. You can do the math for yourself. Usually these customers have booked same tour from a variety of outlets for different prices (usually within a few dollars of each other).


You can indeed buy a two-day/one-night, all-inclusive excursion tour for as little as US$ 48, but do you really care to travel on a 45-seat bus and visit 4 souvenir shops per day? The dollars saved will probably not be remembered as much as the quality of the trip itself. It's your choice of course, but if you buy the cheapest thing out there, you'll have to share the blame if you don't come away satisfied, don't want to mention the time and money spending on the long distance flight for this holiday.


We suggest seeking out tour operators who stick to small groups, and use their own vehicles and guides, especially the ones who really care for your feelings.


Big enough for great service but small enough to care!



With China Discover you are not only a number or a tracking code. We we go through the itinerary with you step by step, day by day, to create a tour that fits your travel needs like your favourite shirt fits you. We make sure that you not only get value for money, but also the tour that you really want.


Experience to count on


We at China Discover are all frequent travellers. If its the inspection trip for that new attraction in the remote hinterlands of China or our private vacation travelling the Great Wall or cruising the Yangtze Rive:.


We only sell the products that we have experienced ourself and that we think are good enough for our customers.


We are getting quite a lot of inquiries from people asking us to send our customers to their attraction. Most of them we decline, because their quality does not meet our high standarts.


Compare our itinerary to other quotations you collected and you will see the difference.


Value for money


We calculate our tour prices on the basis that everyone involved (the customer, tourguides, drivers) is treated fairly.


We don't raise extra charges on making your tour hassle free and convenient like other companies do and we do not extort our guides to make that one dollar extra profit.


Honesty and sincerity are the foundations of how we make business, how we treat our suppliers and employess and most important: how we treat our customers.


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