Meet the Team

China Discover TeamOur people are our strength. All our employees share the same passion: travel. Many of us have traversed China from top to bottom and can create the perfect tour for you.


We know China because we have seen and experienced the tours we sell.


Meet the team that runs China Discover:

Michelle - China trip advisor


Michelle is the captain of our team. She is one of our experienced tour leaders will bring the history and culture of your destination to life, as well as ensure the smooth and safe operation of all aspects your trip.


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Nancy - China tour product manager


Nancy is our Customer Support Manager, she has been working as a Tour Director for years and loves every aspect about it.


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Sara - China trip advisor


Sara is a lovely, attentive tour consultant in our Guilin office, she looks after guests' every need and anticipated their possible wants, offering them options for the days activities based on their specific interests.


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Allan - China tour leader


Allan is that sort of guy who can adapt to a totally new environment within the shortest spell. He speaks Cantonese and knows every route that Guangzhou buses pass, getting familiar with interesting places to go in this city. He impresses his colleagues with endless endeavor and ambition.


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bobby - China tour leader


Bobby was born and raised in a Dong Ethnic Village in Sanjiang county of Guangxi province, He learnt English by himself, words by words, mostly from his customers when he escorted the trekking tours in Guangxi and Guizhou...


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Libby - China tour leader


Libby is a real Hunan girl, likes all kinds of spicy food and she has a vigorous personality.


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Christine - China tour leader


Christine smiles all the time. We all like her sweet smile. She likes sharing her happiness with people.


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Choury - China tour leader


Choury is a simple, tender, friendly and caring girl.


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Winnie - China tour leader


Winnie is a kind and patient girl. She is our assistant product manager.


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