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Christine love smiling and sharing my happy times with people.


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Many people might think Christine is rather shy and doesn't talk too much when they meet her for the first time, but after a little more contact, they will gradually find she is, in fact, a pretty outgoing girl. She loves smiling and sharing her happy times with people. Christine isn't good at hiding her feelings.


Christine - China trip advisorChristine was born in a small town of Jieyang City, Guangdong Province where people live a simple life. Fresh air, beautiful mountains and rivers are everywhere in her hometown while it's impossible to find them in big cities. Hot springs, tea gardens, temples and off-beaten hiking routes are four of the most distinctive cultural heritage there. However, her hometown doesn't become a popular tourist attraction, because it is difficult to get there by road. If we get a chance, Christine is very glad to be your guide and takes you to travel around her hometown, small but rich in cultural heritage.


Unlike most of her friends at her age who are living in the cities and the only child in the family, she has a brother, 10 years younger than her. Christine has to support his tuition and also help her parents to raise the whole family.


Christine was English major in her university and she loves travelingl, so that's why she chose to work in this tourism industry. Till now, Christine only visited Guilin, Xiamen and Hong Kong, but it is just a beginning for her travel plan. Christine will devote more efforts and some day, Christine believe she will manage to visit all the major tourist cities in China one by one on her own.


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