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Dear Libby!
We are in my house after the China and Vietnam. We wose verry happy for your help. After few days i write everithing all China trip. Verry nice that time in China. Thank you so much for your help. Best regards,

Customer:Katalin MohrezUpdate Date: Thursday, 02 May 2013

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Hi Libby,
Yes...the tour was good. It was indeed a bit too rush...wish we could have more time. Ya...all the guides were good....they are helpful and i believe have tried their best to fulfill our requirements. complaints. Thank for your arrangements. Regards,

Customer:IreneUpdate Date: Thursday, 07 March 2013

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Hi Libby
We have arrived home this morning tired but very happy to have visited your beauitiful country. The level of service that was provided by Suky and Choury was excellent ,the drivers where very competant and we were all impressed with there courtesy and kindness ,particularly to the older and younger members of our group, i know we were made to feel welcome andvery relaxed the whole time. Regards

Customer:DavidUpdate Date: Thursday, 07 March 2013

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Hi Libby,
Thank you very much for arranging our Hangzhou trip. We enjoyed our visit. Yes, we had a problem finding our tour guide but its okay. I just read your September 7 e-mail now because we were already at Shanghai at that time and I wasnt able to access my e-mail. Everything was okay except for the hotel, which we understand because it was a weekend and we know its hard to look for a hotel during weekends. Rest assured that we will contact you when we plan to go to other cities of China. Thank you very much for accomodating us. Best Regards,

Customer:JeanilleUpdate Date: Thursday, 07 March 2013

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Hi Libby,
Thank you for the well wishes. I hope to use your company’s services again when I return with my wife in the future. I have recommended your company to all of my friends, and I believe that recently my friends Chel and Racy Llaguno travelled with your guides in Beijing and Xi’an. Again, thank you. May your New Year be filled with health and prosperity. Thank you,

Customer:BillyUpdate Date: Thursday, 07 March 2013

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Hi Libby,
Full trip over all was fine with me, accommodation and food and beverage was also all right. For Grand Valley i never expect is about 4hrs to completed the Grand Valley journey, very very tired................. May be in future if I am going to China again, i may contact you again. Thank you so much. Best Rgds,

Customer:CynthiaUpdate Date: Thursday, 07 March 2013

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