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Libby - China trip advisor


Libby is a real Hunan girl, good at eating spicy food and with a vigorous personality.


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Libby's hometown is Hunan Province, a place north to Canton. Libby is a real Hunan girl, good at eating spicy food and with a vigorous personality. Though she is the third eldest child in her family, she acts like the eldest one. Libby is mature, kind-hearted and outgoing. Bravery and persistence best describe they Hunan people's characteristic. Hunan people are tough as they won't give up unless they achieve the goals. There is such a saying about Hunan people: there're three groups who are the toughest in the world, Irish, Prussian and Hunan people. It's true. Whenever she start with something, she always does it best.


Libby - China trip advisorTravel is her hobby and also her dream. Working as a tour guide in travel industry for four years, she gradually find that travel not only brings her relaxation, but also it is a part of her life.


In these 4 years, she traveled to Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Chongqing and Shanghai. She has seen a lot of magnificent rivers and mountains, and experienced life styles and customs of many different places. She decides to be a trip advisor, an occupation she will stick to for her whole life – to design the best itinerary and offer the most useful travel information for those who want to travel to China.


Every journey comes with the most beautiful view and every view comes with the most amazing memory. To share the most amazing and unique moment in your travel or life with other people can also be one of the happiest thing.


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