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Question: What can we see on the Yangtze Cruise?

Along the Yangtze River, you will pass many cities, the Three Gorges and Three Gorges Dam, and different ships may choose to have different shore excursions, but generally speaking, you will have shore excursions to the "Ghost City"-Fengdu, or Wanzhou or Shibaozhai, a one day excursion to the Lesser Three Gorges or Shennong Stream, and one day at the Three Gorges Dam. Please note that the scenic spots and the whole journey may be adjusted due to the weather or the conditions of water.


Fengdu is an ancient city with a long history. It is also known as the so-called "Abode of Ghosts." According to superstitious legend, "the dead come to Fengdu and the devils go to hell." Since Tang Dynasty, forty-eight temples have been built in this place, such as the "Hall of the Jade Emperor," the "Palace of Hell, " "Boundary Between the Living and the Dead, " the "Ridge of Helplessness," and the "Balcony of Nostalgia." All of the temples there look quite magnificent while statues are extremely lifelike.

The whole building, composed of a gate, gate tower, and an ancient Buddhist temple on the top, guards the only path up the mountain. The cultural relics and calligraphy and paintings by famous persons were unearthed in Zhongxian County since the New Stone Age are displayed in the hall. It is called one of the "world$$s eight great majestic buildings."

Shennong Stream
Shennongxi Stream starts at Mt.Shennongjia in Hubei Province, north of the Yangtze. It comprises of the Parrot Gorge and the Dragon Boot Gorge with breathtaking scenery. Sailing through the treacherous gorges with lush pine and translucent water, visitors can see spectacular sights like ancient plank roads, ancient suspension coffins, aqueous caves, rainbow fountain and wild lives. It is also perfect to experience the culture of Tujia minority. Visiting Shennong Stream on a pea-like boat is a sensational experience.


Three Gorges Dam
The dam site is 27 miles upstream from Yichang City proper, at Sandouping Town, 38km upstream from the Gezhouba Dam Lock, inside the third of the Three Gorges. It is planned to be by far the largest hydroelectric project in the world. The Project calls for the construction of a concrete dam, a hydroelectric power plant and a series of locks just below the scenic Three Gorges region. The project is designed to be built in three phases and is scheduled for completion in year 2009.



Question: Are all the Cruises from Chongqing to Yichang dock?

Most Cruises will be from Chongqing to Yichang (Downstream) or Yichang to Chongqing (upstream). There are two exceptions: The Cruise-Regal China has a cruise from Chongqing to Wuhan or Wuhan to Chongqing and the American Victorian Prince cruises from Chongqing to Shanghai, or Shanghai to Chongqing.



Question: What is the difference between upstream and downstream sailings?

1) A cruise downstream takes less time.

2) For cruising downstream the ship will drop anchor at midnight, and start sailing again in the early morning, while the upstream cruise keeps sailing both day and night. Because of this, on the downstream cruise there is much less noise at night and you can get a better night’s sleep.

3) For many ships, the downstream cruise is more expensive than the upstream cruise.

4) The excursion sites are also different.


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