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Question: Is travel insurance necessary?

Yes. We highly recommend our clients purchase travel insurance to guard against unforeseen circumstances that may cause.

Most travel insurance companies offer Trip Cost Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, emergency medical transport and medical expenses insurance. These pay for loss due to any unforeseen circumstances such as death, injury and illness. Travel policies also cover you for a variety of other risks, such as cancellation charges, loss of money, loss of baggage, and liability to third parties to name but a few.

Although we do everything possible to ensure the safety of our clients, if any of the above do happen it can be very costly to you. Purchasing travel insurance is an easy way to ease the mind and to know that you will be able to deal with problems that may arise. Besides, an annual travel policy will save you money if you propose to go abroad more than once in any twelve month period.



Question: Do I need to buy travel insurance in my own country?

Buy extra insurance in your own country is strongly recommended.


For clients who have booked our tour packages, the following two types of incurance might offer some help. Unfortuately, it can not cover everything.   Though we also effect insurance for our clients, but it is not sufficient because the travel insurance companies in China are not as good as in your home county.

Travel Agencies Liability Insurance
Each legitimate travel agency in China is required to have Travel Agencies Liability Insurance. Sinoway Travel has effected a basic insurance for her clients, but it is not sufficient enough because the policy of the travel insurance companies in China are not as good as in your home county.

This Travel Agencies Liability Insurance covers accidents due to the fault of the agency only while the traveler is on the tour. This does not include times before the beginning of the tour, or flights before and after.


China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance

On top of the travel insurance from your home country with specific overseas coverage, if you have book our tour packages, you will be automatically covered by the China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance. However, this insurance is not applicable to the sole hotel or flight booking.

Therefore we highly recommend travelers should consider buying insurance in case some unpredicted situations arise.  


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