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Question: Can the staff on Yangtze cruise ships speaking English?

Most of the onboard staff can speak English. For all the 4-5 star ships, there is an English-Chinese bilingual broadcasting system. The ship’s tour guide can speak English.



Question: Do I need a converter on board?

Most of the cruisers have both 220V and 110V outlets in their cabins. If you need an adaptor, please contact the housekeeping department on board.



Question: What kind of food will be served on board?

Breakfast onboard ship will be a Chinese/Western buffet. Lunch and dinner will be Chinese cuisine featuring a set menu, table service, and free soda and beer.



Question: How about the meals arrangement in the Cruise?

Normally, buffet is available for breakfasts and lunch, and table arrangements will be available at dinner time. If you would like to enjoy private meals, or special order meals they will be made available for an additional fee.



Question: Is the water onboard safe to drink?

There is water purification and sterilization facilities onboard ship that offer clean tap water, but it is not recommended for drinking. We will provide two bottles of water for each client per day.



Question: Are there laundry services on board?

Yes, laundry services are available on all ships. Normally laundry sent out before 9:00am can be returned the same day. Those sent after 9:00am will be returned to you on the following day.



Question: Are there shopping facilities onboard ship?

There are some shops onboard ships. These shops specialize in daily necessities, and some food. These shops are not large, and will not have everything you might want, so it is recommended that you be well prepared before boarding. There will be many shops at the scenic spots along the Yangtze River. All kinds of traditional arts and crafts will be available. It is expected that you bargain when you go shopping, especially on expensive goods.



Question: Are the hairdryer available in each Cruise?

Yes, hairdryers will be available in the reception department.



Question: Can we exchange the currency in the Cruise?

Yes, 5-star Cruises offer this service. Normally they only accept USD and EUR.



Question: Will I have the services of your private tour guide while on board?

Your private tour guide will not accompany you on the cruise. All onboard activities and shore excursions will be managed by the cruise company.



Question: Are there any extra fees onboard ship?

There are some onboard services that your tour package does not cover, such as alcoholic beverages, laundry, hairdressing, and massage.



Question: What is your onboard smoking policy?

All ships will have designated smoking and non-smoking areas. Smoking is usually permitted only on the observation deck. You can ask your tour guide onboard ship for more information.



Question: Does the Cruise offer Internet access and international telephone service?

Yes. Internet access and phone services are available via Satellite service. The Business Center onboard ship has photocopying, fax machines, personal computers, simultaneous translating, and typing. The prices for these services are quite high however. If possible, we strongly recommend you bring you own mobile phone onboard.


Some 5-star cruises do offer international telephone service, but not all of them.


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