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Question: What is the service for unaccompanied children?

The unaccompanied children service is for children who are above the age of 5 and under the age of 12 that will be traveling without an adult. Please request this service from airlines in advance, otherwise we will not be able to take responsibility for your child during travel. If desired, the unaccompanied children service is available for travelers over the age of 12 and under the age of 18.


What is the service charge for the unaccompanied children service?
For domestic and international flights, it costs RMB 260 or $30 for a one-way direct flight.


What documents need to be provided when requesting the unaccompanied children service?
To apply for the unaccompanied children service, you will need to provide your identification and passport as well as the travel documents for your child. You will also need to provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the persons who are bringing your child to the airport and picking your child up from the airport so we can contact them.
What documents need to be provided if my child is flying by himself/herself?
Your child should have all valid travel documents including tickets, receipts and the application for the unaccompanied children service. Please be sure that all of the documents are safely packed with your child's hand luggage.


How does airlines assist my child during check-in and security?
During departure and arrival, we will appoint a special ground handling person to assist your child with all check-in procedures, customs, security checks and baggage retrieval. The special ground handling person will also look after your child and their travel documents while waiting for the flight. Once on the plane, we will send your child to the chief purser who will make sure the flight is enjoyable for your child.


What services does airlines provide to my child to ensure security when a flight is cancelled or delayed?
If the flight is delayed, we will appoint someone to look after your child and arrange for accommodations and transportation if needed. We will also contact the person picking up your child and any other airlines departments that might be affected. If the flight is cancelled, we will contact you and return your child safely.


How does the person picking up my child at the destination meet my child when the plane arrives?
We will inform the person picking up your child of all flight information in advance. When the flight arrives, we will appoint someone to meet your child and complete all arrival formalities with the chief purser. Once the person picking up your child shows proper identification, a ground handling person will release your child.


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