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Question: Do we have English TV programs in Chinese hotels?

In addition to Chinese language TV broadcast, some English TV programs are available in many hotels via satellite.

Some local TV stations also provide English news and other programs in English.

In Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, you can watch the evening news in English at 7:30 pm and again after movies or programs around 11:00 pm. early in the morning (7:30 am), you will find ABC news and CBS news broadcasts from the U.S. on TVB Pearl and ATV World. These two channels from Hong Kong carry world and local news, including news from Mainland China.

During the night, you will find American programs and good movies. At most 4 and 5 star hotels, you may also get HBO, CNN and more.



Question: Is the Internet service available in Chinese hotels?

The Internet service is available in many 4 and 5 star hotels. Mostly you can find this service in the business center. Prices can vary anywhere from $5 for 15 minutes to $5 for 1 hour's time. Uploading pictures and files is quite easy but may take some time. Some newly renovated hotels offer free internet service for your laptop in all rooms.



Question: How to I tip in the hotels in China?

Remember to tip the porter who delivers your suicase to your room when you check in, otherwise it might take extra hours for him to pickup your big suicase when you leave the hotel. Usually you will leave your big suicase outside your room and go for breakfast on the day when you leave the hotel, telephone the porter to pick up the baggage,  Some passengers will find out their big suicases are still at their doors when they have come back from breakfast.  It might be true that the porters are quite busy now, for most of the passengers check out in the morning.


Please also tip for the good service of bar attendent, waiter or waitress. If you are happy with the service of your room maids, leave small change on the pillow for the maids. Do not try to give it to the maids personally, as in most cases they will not take it.


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