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Question: Do you offer any discounts for group travel?

The group travel discount rates are depending on the group size. The more persons you are, the more discount you can get.

Our tour prices are calculated according to the four different categories below:

1 person only
2-5 persons in one group
6-9 persons in one group
Over 10 persons in one group.

The rates on our website are based on double occupancy thus for category two. The prices for category three or four are much lower. For details, please feel free to contact our service staff.



Question: If I cancel my tour, can I get a refund?

For all regular group tours, if you cancel your tour, more than 90 days before departure, you will get a full refund of all your payments. After that, the refund depends on the date of cancellation. If you have any question about the refund, please contact our travel agents.


More informations of our canellation policy in 'Terms and Conditions".


Question: When is the deadline to make a reservation?

For hotel booking only, one in advance should be enough. For booking a seat-in-coach tour (sightseeing-tour), two or three days in advance are sufficient. For booking a long tour (customized-tour), including several destinations and hotels one or two weeks in before arrival date are recommended. We never the less accept bookings anytime before the arrival date. But in that case, we cannot guarantee availability on short time booking requests. But our travel agents will always be available to give you professional suggestions.



Question: Can your tour packages be customized (tailor-made by myself)?

Yes, all of the China tour packages we offer are customizable to meet your requests. Working with you to design a contented trip to China according to your preferences is one of our jobs. It is as simple as send us an email.



Question: Does the quoted prices include airfare?

The quotation listed on our web page only includes the airfare within the tour in China, the international airfares are excluded.



Question: How can I find my tour guide for airport pickup?

If you book a private package from us, our guides in each destination will meet you at arriving gate of each airport or railway station by holding a board /a piece of paper with your name on it, so it will be very easy for you to recognize our guides when you arrive. But do be patient if there are lots of people arrive at the same time. After our guides meet you, she or he will lead you to the private car/van/bus with air-condition and cushioned seats provided for you according to the number of your group, for the groups over 8 pax, a luggage truck will be also provided.



Question: What is the sightseeing tours like?

We will adhere to your itinerary in the confirmation letter and let you visit all the scenic spots included by all means, but if one of the following things happens unexpected making it impossible to fulfill all the sightseeing, we would appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please trust that your travel consultant at Sinoway Travel or our local partner will make every effort to achieve the best possible alternate arrangements, but they will not provide any refund for the lost services.

The scenic spots are not open for public temporarily due to the acts of government or other authorities.

The scenic spots are not open for public due to its temporary restoration or some other reasons of their own.

The delay of the flights making it too short to finish all the scenic spots in certain areas.


Question: What types of ground transportation will we use for our tour?

The vehicles we provide for our guests are equipped with air-conditioning and cushioned seats. Generally, a private car with driver is provided for a group of two persons. A 9-12 seat coach will be used for a group of about three to five persons. For groups with more then ten persons, a 22 to 30 seat coach will be set up. We provide always vehicles with more seats than passengers on our tours, to ensure that you feel comfortable and have enough space for all your baggage. These vehicles are all privately rented and just used for your tour.



Question: What are the most popular destinations in China?

Besides the popular cities (Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai), some routes, provinces and old towns are also popular. These include Yangtze River cruises, Silk Road adventures, Mystical Tibet, old town Lijiang, water town Zhouzhuang and Zhujiajiao. You may visit our website of China vacation programs.


More informations of our China Vacation Packages.


Question: Is it safe to travel in China?

Yes. China is still one of the safer travel destinations in the world.  Although petty crime, such as pick pocketing and purse snatching is on the increase, especially in major cities, serious crime against foreigners is rare.


Also, the Chinese government guarantees the safety of the foreign travelers, even if relations between the visitor's home country and China are poor. Considering all this, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be as cautious in China as you would be anywhere else. You may click here to learn some common sense advice on how to avoid any potential problems.



Question: What is the difference of private tour and join-in group tour ?

The difference of private tour is: All of our private tours are tailor made for every customer, lots of local activities available, and you have private vehicle and private tour guide, save you time on waiting for other passengers (Sometimes it happens). The benefits of join-tours are: less expensive than private tours, especially when you are travelling alone, and you have chance to share your experience with friends with multipal background from different nations.



Question: Can I have English speaking tour guide?

Yes, it is. All tour guides in China, have to get licensed by passing an exam. All English speaking tour guides are graduated from university and most of them were enrolled in English. They are well trained in explaining Chinas scenery spots as well as its sights and know how to deal with foreign tourists from western countries. The communication with and the help through our tours guides should consequently be no problem.


Question: Is it possible to get other foreign language speaking guides?

Yes this is also possible. We can also engage guides, speaking other foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, etc.! Please tell us in advance so that we have some time to arrange everything to your special language requirements. Usually an extra cost will be charged for other foreign languages tour guides, we do not have so many different kinds of interpreters all the time when you request, so we have to work on a 'first register, first service' policy.



Question: How to tip the guide, drivers or the bellboys during our China trip?

Tipping has become a common practice in China, but it is entirely voluntary.

The following is just for your reference to tip the tour guides, drivers and the hotel bellboy, if they have delivered a real good service.

Tip for your tour director (who accompanies you your whole China-holiday): 5 USD/day/person.
Tip for your local tour guides: 4 USD/day/person.
Tip for the driver or hotel bellboy: 2 USD/day/person.

In Restaurants (also the Hotel restaurants) it is not necessary to tip the waiter or waitress, because your bill does already include the service charge.

Please feel free to tip or not to tip according to your likes or the custom of your country.
For some activity tours like hiking, biking, rafting you should tip your guide higher, double or higher will be OK.


More informations of articles of tipping policy in China.



Question: Do you offer discount rates for children?

Our policy regarding discounts for children varies according to tour requested. When you post your booking request, please state the number of children and also their age.

We give discounts on some of our sightseeing tours and on some river cruises. For details please contact our service staff.

Usually children under the age of 12 get a 50% discount on all flights. They also can stay for free in the hotel room of their parents, if no extra bed is needed.

Children younger than two even pay only 10% for all flights. Infants fly for free. All children over the age of 12 are considered as an adult.

Any child over the age of 12 is considered an adult by the travel agency and hotel industry.

Children no more than 2 years of age only pay 10% for the flight booking. Free baby cots for babies.



Question: When should I arrange the deposit?

Once we have finanized the itinerary together, we will request you to transfer a deposit to our bank account.

The balance will be charged at least ten days before your arrival date.

In case when you ask for an instance booking, for instance, book a hotel in Shanghai tomorrow, or book a join-in tour to visit the Great Wall tomorrow, cash payment can be delivered to our tour guide when he/she meets you.



Question: What are the most popular destinations in China?

Besides the popular cities (Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai), some routes, provinces and old towns are also popular. These include Yangtze River cruises, Silk Road adventures, Mystical Tibet, old town Lijiang, water town Zhouzhuang and Zhujiajiao. You may visit our website of China vacation programs.


More informations of our China Vacation Packages.


Question: In winter, do we have more discount?

The cost for summer time is higher for airlines, hotels, meals, tickets for shows and attractions, etc. Most travel agents offer more discount in winter season.


More questions: Can your tour packages be customized (tailor-made by myself)?


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