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Question: How many baggages should I take for train travel?

On the train, baggage space is limited and must be storred in your compartment so it is wise to travel with small baggage rather than large suitcases.


Most train stations have a considerable number of stairs to climb to reach the platforms. Bags have to be carried up and down these stairs. Most stairs have a steep ramp so that wheeled bags can be dragged up as you walk up the stairs.


There are cargo cabins at the back of every train, but do not rely on them.  There is a registration office for cargo transfer at every train station, and the railway authority tells you that your baggage might not be arrived at your destination at the same time, it might go with other trains, arrive earlier or later.


We do use cargo service for our biking tours, transfer bikes from place to place.   It works well, everything needs to be arranged in advance.   For passengers, kindly remind you to stay with your baggage all the time.



Question: How to find my cabin on the train?

A separate waiting lounge is available in the railway stations for passengers traveling in the soft sleeper section. Preferential boarding is available for those passengers. Our tour guide will take you to the soft sleeper section for boarding the train.


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