President No.1

The President No.1 is one of the vessels best known to American and Canadian tour operators and travel agents who are offering tours to China and cruises to the Yangtze. Managed by the team trained by five-star hotels in Beijing, it is one of the finest ships on the river and most clientele are from the United States.


A restaurant, bars a coffee shop, inner and outer observation areas, a ballroom, a gymnasium, massage rooms, beauty salon, and so on are available on board.

Upstream Cruise Yichang - Chongqing

Day Itinerary Starting Time Ending Time
1 Board the ship from 17h00 to 21h00 for overnight accomodation(Dinner is not included).    
2 Departs Yichang at 06h30. Shore excursion to The Three Gorges Dam Site 10h00 12h00
3 Before taking a shore excursion to Lesser Three Gorges. 10h00 13h00
4 Shore excursion to The Fengdu Ghost City. 09h00 11h00
5 Arrive in Chongqing at 09h30.    

Downstream Cruise Chongqing - Yichang

Day Itinerary Starting Time Ending Time
1 Board the ship from 17h00 to 21h00 for overnight accomodation(Dinner is not included).    
2 Departs Chongqing at 09h00. Shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City. 08h00 10h00
3 Before taking a shore excursion to Wu Gorge and Lesser Three Gorges. 08h00 13h00
4 Shore excursion to The Three Gorges Dam Site. Arrive in Yichang at 13h30. 08h00 10h00

  Scenic Spots


Fengdu is an ancient city with a long history. It is also known as the so-called "Abode of Ghosts." According to superstitious legend, "the dead come to Fengdu and the devils go to hell." Since Tang Dynasty, forty-eight temples have been built in this place, such as the "Hall of the Jade Emperor," the "Palace of Hell, " "Boundary Between the Living and the Dead, " the "Ridge of Helplessness," and the "Balcony of Nostalgia." All of the temples there look quite magnificent while statues are extremely lifelike.

Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge extends 40 kilometers from the mouth of Daning River of Wushan Mountain in the west to Guandukou of Badong in the east. The Wu Gorge is gifted with exquisite peaks and lush mountains and ranges. It's deep and serene with changeable weather. The rolling River twists and turns and boats zigzag their way along, as if cruising in a fantastic gallery. The twelve peaks of Wushan Mountain all rise to the blue sky. They are endowed with various fascinating shapes. Among them, the most fabulous is the Peak of Goddess. It pierces through the heaven, and towers over the Yangtze River. A protruding rock of the Peak has the shape of a slim girl shrouded in clouds and mist faintly visible as if clad in fine gauze dress, looking attractive and exuding tenderness and love.

Three Gorges Dam

The dam site is 27 miles upstream from Yichang City proper, at Sandouping Town, 38km upstream from the Gezhouba Dam Lock, inside the third of the Three Gorges. It is planned to be by far the largest hydroelectric project in the world. The Project calls for the construction of a concrete dam, a hydroelectric power plant and a series of locks just below the scenic Three Gorges region. The project is designed to be built in three phases and is scheduled for completion in year 2009.

Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three Gorges is situated along the Daning River, one of the main tributaries of Yangtze River, with a total length of about 250 kilometers (155 miles). The river is relatively small, but it exceeds Yangtze's Three Gorges in beauty and tranquility. Thus the Lesser Three Gorges, also known as the Three Little Gorges, have begun to gain popularity nationwide. Drifting along with the Daning River tide, one will pass through the Longmen Gorge (Dragon Gate Gorge), Bawu Gorge (Misty Gorge) and Dicui Gorge (Emerald Green Gorge). The gorges stretch along the river from north to south for 50 kilometers (31 miles). Waterfalls are found among the green covered mountains. The natural scenery is spectacular, striking a sense of wonder and awe. It makes for an excellent natural scenic backdrop for photography. With the filling of the Three Gorges Reservoir, Daning River has become broader and more tranquil. Also, there are now riverside resorts available for visitors to enjoy.