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Question: Will I accidentally eat something, which I actually do not want to eat?

No, you do not have to be afraid!  We guess you have heard that some exotic kinds of meat are available in China. Beside the fact that these kinds are only available in some regions in China, especially in Guangdong (Kanton), we are sure that your host or your restaurant will tell you about this before. These kinds of meat are too worthy for them, to give them away to someone who do not appreciate or even want them. But if you are not afraid of trying something new, it might be a good experience.



Question: Are the established credit cards accepted in Chinese restaurants?

Credit cards are accepted only in large hotels. For most restaurants you need to pay cash in Chinese RMB.



Question: Is it possible to get knife, fork and spoon in Chinese restaurants?

Yes it is possible! Hotel-own and other big restaurants will lay out cutlery for you. If they do not do it directly, please do not hesitate to ask for it. They will understand that it is not easy for you to eat with chopsticks.


However, if you want to go to some smaller traditional Chinese restaurants, it might be that they have no cutlery available. If you see no other chance for yourself, then using cutlery, you have to bring by yourself. (The restaurants visited on sightseeing tours, organized by Sinoway Travel, will always have cutlery available for you)


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