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Question: What kind of meals will be available on my tours in China?

At your sightseeing tours you will have a Chinese style lunch. The round dining table, accommodating 8-10 people provides an opportunity to get in contact with other tourists from your group, perhaps even from other countries. The meal variety is large but set and arranged by the restaurant. The guests do not have the possibility to choose from a menu. If you have any special requirements, please inform us so that arrangements can be made in advance.



Question: How much do I have to spend for my dinner?

The meal price depends on the grade of the restaurant you choose and the food you order. Basically, in a regular restaurant the average price for a rich dinner is about 10 USD for each person. This is also the standard meal our company will arrange for you, for example on the sightseeing tours.



Question: Can we taste different food during our trip?

Almost all the lunches and dinners offered are Chinese food, but we defer to your preferences and opinions. Any suggestions would be welcome. For small groups, we always leave some dinners to your own arrangement. Our guide will help you to find some popular Chinese or western restaurant, where you can order the meals as you like.



Question: Do I get vegetarian meals in China?

Yes, of course! You can get vegetarian meals in nearly every Chinese restaurant. Normally you can choose all dishes you want to have by yourself.

Because the meals are set menus when you are on the sightseeing tours provided by us, we would recommend you to tell us your needs in advance. We respect opinions of our clients and will try our best to cater to their needs.


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