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Question: Can the train staff understand English?

English is generally not spoken by any of the staff on the trains or in the railway stations. Limited English signage is available in the railway stations.



Question: How good is the railway system service in China?

Train travel in China has to be undertaken with the full knowledge that the system is designed for the local population who are familiar with the standard conditions. Trains between larger cities are always superior to those on lesser routes and will probably run close to schedule.



Question: Are there shower facilities on the train?

No shower facilities available on the train.



Question: Any power plugs on the train?

The Z-series train from Beijing to Shanghai has power plugs on it. Most of the traditional trains don't have power plugs.



Question: How is the meal service on a China train?

Food cart goes between cabin to cablin every 30 minute, sells little fruit, snacks, and “lunch box” meals for dinner and breakfast you can eat in your cabin. The lunch box are Chinese style food, rice and pork meat. In the hard sleeper and hard seat cabin, many people take instant noodle soups for dinner.


Car #9 is the dining car with a little bar area. Recommend you to have dinner there and the food is very good but quite expensive. At least the dining car looks clean.  However, it was crowded and you have to share your table with other people, also, they ran out of several dishes early. They serve dinner from boarding until 9:30pm when "midnight snack" time starts. The breakfast starts at 7am.



Question: Is there any hot water supply on the train?

There is plenty of hot water available but you need your own cups and napkins. Almost everyone brought a bowl of instant noodles with them.


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Question: What is the policy for child ticket?

Children under 110cm tall travel free, 110-140cm tall travel for half fare, over 140cm tall pay full fare.



Question: Are there toilet facilities on the train?

Yes, 2 Chinese style squat toilets can be found at both end of each carriage. It is very simple, with no other toilet facilities. You'd better to prepared with some toilet paper of your own.


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