Fujian weather

fujian hakka earth building
  • Province:
    Fujian (Chinese:福建, Pinyin: Fújiàn)
  • Population :
  • Area :
    121,400 sq km (46,900 sq mi)
  • Overview:
    Fujian is one of the most linguistically diverse places in all Han Chinese areas of China. Local dialects can become unintelligible within 10 km.

Weather of Xiamen

Xiamen has a subtropical climate, which is generally temperate with abundant rainwater. It has an average annual temperature of approximately 21℃. There is no intense heat in summer and no extreme cold in winter in Xiamen. The city has an average annual rainfall of about 1200mm, mainly during the months from May to August. Wind power reaches Grade 3 to 4 in general, with northeast wind representing the dominant wind direction. Owing to the air currents resulting from the difference in temperature in the Pacific, Xiamen is hit by typhoon three or four times annually on average, which mainly occurs during the months from July to September.


Xiamen sea wind and land wind are very obvious. From midnight till noon the wind is from the west and the northwest (generally scale 1 to 2, at most 4), from noon till midnight the wind is from the south and the southeast (generally scale 3 to 4, at most 6). Summer wind generally is from the southeast and the southwest, begins in June, popular in July, down in August, average scale 2-3. From late September to early April of next year, there is awinter wind and the wind-speed is most forceful in November, generally the wind is from the northeast and the east .

Weather of Fuzhou

Fuzhou gets close to East China Sea, belongs to the warm and wet subtropics maritime climate, the weather is warmer, the average air temperature of year is 19.6°C, the volume of rain is abundant. It is cooler and rainy in Fuzhou from March to April, the visitors can wear the woolen sweater, the cotton hair trousers and coats; it is summers from May to September, you should wear the cool well ventilated clothes. It is autumn from October to November, you need wear the single dress or thin sweaters; it is winter from December to the next February, you must wear the thick sweaters and dress. There are often thundershowers and typhoons from May to August; it is the season of typhoon in June, July and August, there must be the heavy rain or rain-storms after typhoon.


The best season when you go to travel in Fuzhou is autumn and winter, then the sunlight is bright and beautiful there, the trees are evergreen, one parties Yugoslavia landscape, the northern visitors are particularly fit.



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Piano Museum
There are 40 more old pianos displayed in the museum (collected by patriotic overseas Chinese Mr. Hu Youyi), among which are rare and valuable gold-plating piano in the world
Shuzhuang Garden
Shuzhuang Garden is exquisitely designed to reproduce the scene of Banqiao private villa with the characteristic of gardens on the Yangtze Delta
Gulangyu Island
Gulangyu is a small island to the southwest of Xiamen, covering less than two square kilometers. The 600-meter-wide Egret River separates it from the main island, but a shuttle ferry is available every five minutes.