Zhuhai Guide




Zhuahi is a beautiful seaside city , located at the southern tip of the Pearl River Delta of Guandong province. In 1980, it was selected one of the few special economic zones in China. Zhuhai covers an area of 1,300 square kilometers, with the population of 1.33 million. Nearby mountains and seas, it has a long coastline (731 km) and 146 islands scattering on the South Sea, so the city also named as “City of Islands”.


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Zhuhai is a park style seaside city, the flowers bloom all year round. It won

a series of reputation, such as ''State Garden Green City'', ''Top Tourist City

of China'', ''State Environmental Protection Model City'' and ''State Hygienic City''. In 2000, Zhuhai was granted the fame of ''National Level Ecology Demonstration Zone'' by the Sate Administration of Environmental Protection. In 1999, the city was granted ''International Award for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment'' by United Nations Center

of Human Settlement , and was the only winner of the award in China.


Zhuhai has more than 130 private organizations of art education, mainly engage in various art training and education. The annual children flower festival and “Sound of Seashore” concert have become famous art performance brands of the city , and formed its unique cultural shape.


The city has attractive environment and surrounding landscapes. Guishan Island and Qinglv Lu are good for fishing, and Hebao Island attracts visitors who want to see some wilderness, Dong'ao Island is well-known for its diving facilities and good beach.


Must see


zhuhai fisher girl

Fisher girl is very beautiful with a little shy, she stands at the charming Xianglu Bay in an elegant pose,and raising a bright pearl with both hands high in the air, symbolizes Zhuhai's brightness.

The statue of fisher girl has become the symbol of Zhuhai......more

jiuzhou cheng

Jiuzhou Cheng also named as Jiuzhou Shopping Center,is one of the landmarks in Zhuhai.The building with an ancient style of Chinese palace architecture and covered with glazed roofs.The width of the main hall of the palace is 70 meters, and the height is 16 meters.

New YuanMingYuan

The Structure based on the original Yuanmingyuan Garden in Beijing, one of the favorite gardens of the late emperors of the Qing dynasty.Which demonstrates the Chinese imperial architectural style and shows the unique layout of the southern China's classical gardens.



chen's family temple

Especially recommended as it has long been looked upon as the ultimate in Cantonese construction of the past.

Folk Culture Village
This is a fun place which recreates the life of 24 ethnic minority villages from throughout China in downtown Shenzhen.
Lichi Park
Litchi Park is a pleasant urban park composed of many pretty pavilions and landscaped gardens. 
nanao bay

The seafood from Nan'ao Bay is exceptionally fresh and tasty and this is a great area to sample some more unusual sea creatures!