Being located in the northwest of Guangxi province, Hechi Prefecture has jurisdiction over 11 counties and cities as hechi, Yizhou, Luocheng Molao Autonomous County, Huanjiang maonan Autonomous County Nandan, Tina's, Donglan, Bama Yaozu Autonomous county, Fengshan, Du'an Yaozu Autonomous County and Dahua Yaozu Autonomous County, totally 33,450 square kilometers and has population of 3,724 million. Hechi prefecture Party committee of the communist party of China and Hech Administrative Office were set up right in Hechi city.

Hechi Prefecture is world famous for its rich non-ferrous metal resources. There are 43 types of ores which have already been prospected, distributing as widespread as 205 deposits all over the 11 counties and cities.It'very rare ifor Hechi to have such kind of multi-metal assembling mines. Amony those ores, the conservative reserve of indium is mong the largest of the worldHowever, the reserve of tin is almost 1/3 of the total reserve in China, and ranks the forst place. The reserve of antimony also takes the second place all over China.The only anthracite field in Guangxi is Hongmao mine. Fengshanya Gold Mine is the fichest gold resource in the area of Guangxi" Golden Triangle". Huanjing Beishan is wall know for its high quality, large quantity of lead and zinc. Moreover, Guangxi is also rich in copper, silver, cadmium, iron, sulphur arsenic, limestone and marble.

Where there is high mountains, there is ling river. Since Hechi Prefecture lies at the marginal area of Yungui Highland, it contains great watepower Hechiresources, which is supposed to supply 840kilowatts.Hydroelestric development has been carried out step by step in Hongshui River. Qingshui River. Kongxiaojiang, Diao River and Longjiang River,76 different scale of hydropowre station such as Duhua, Yantan and Bailong hace been set up with a toral installed capacity of 5.4 mollion kilowatts. Longtal Hydropower station, which is only sevond to Three Gorges Station now has all-round entered into "Dredge Three,Fill One" project.

Hechi Prefecture has forest area of 1463 million hectares, Being rich in mush pig. musk beef, black goat, chestnut , tea oil, tong oil, long-tipred pepper and sugarcane, it has great potential for the development of farm products and by-products.

Hechi Prefecture lies in the subtropical zone, enjoying a pleasant chimate and abundant rainfall. The beautiful mountains and rivers , the peculiar caves and extraordinary sight, all these make people feel like staying in a wonderland.

The clear Xiajian River in Yizhou, is the native place of Sister Liu,a famous Zhuangzu singer as well as Zhuangzu people's pride. Longjiang junior Three Gorges seems like superlative craftsmanship, which always make people amazed. Moreover, the most complete and wonderful 700 Guest ridges and peaks in the world, the extraordinary Hong River Reservior and the colorful minority life all appeal to people, make people lingering, hesitating to return.

Hechi Prefecture is also the main passage to the sea for southwesterm China, Qiangui Raailway crosses through 5 counties and cities. Highway from Yizhou to Hechi has been almost finished, highways from Yizhou, from nandan Liuzhai to Hechi to Nanning have also been in process.

Furthermore, the applocation of high technology in communication makes it possible to communicate with people domestic or abroad at any time.



Detian Waterfall
The Detian Waterfall in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it lies in a subtropical area along the Sino-Vietnamese border, and is the second largest transnational waterfall in the world.
Mount Qingxiu
Tianci Lake is the central scenic area on Qingxiu Hill. On its southern bank is a long corridor leading to Longxiang Pagoda on the top of the hill.
South Lake Park
Situated in the southeast of the city center, South Lake Park is one with half of an area water and the other half garden.
Pass Kunlun
Pass Kunlun is in the east of Nanning, it is a renowned old battlefield, It is a natural barrier of Nanning, a place contested by all strategists.