Guangxi Maps

  • Province:
    Guangxi (simplified Chinese: 广西 Pinyin: Guǎngxī)
  • Population :
  • Area :
    236,700 sq km (91,400 sq mi)
  • Overview:
    Guangxi is a province in southern China, along its border with Vietnam, it is one of the border frontiers of Chinese civilization.

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Mount Qingxiu
Tianci Lake is the central scenic area on Qingxiu Hill. On its southern bank is a long corridor leading to Longxiang Pagoda on the top of the hill.
South Lake Park
Situated in the southeast of the city center, South Lake Park is one with half of an area water and the other half garden.
Pass Kunlun
Pass Kunlun is in the east of Nanning, it is a renowned old battlefield, It is a natural barrier of Nanning, a place contested by all strategists.