Rice Paddies Tour in Yangshuo

Rice Paddies Tour in Yangshuo

It is a good idea to explore the countryside of Yangshuo, a small town appreciated by backpackers.  Magnificent panorama of the karstic hills rise out of the mist, they have inspired so many painters and poets in ancient history of China.


For people who can not ride a bide to see the beautiful rice paddies around Yangshuo area, you might hire a Golf Car.


The car can take 10 persons for a ride, the cost is RMB 250-300 per car, plus extra tipping RMB 100-150 to the driver.  You might ask other passengers you meet in Yangshuo to share the cost together.

What is a golf car rice paddies tour


In 1998, after the new parking place outside the town was completed, passengers needed to walk 40 minutes to find their tour coach after the Li River Cruise, the local people found the new way to offer transfer service by rickshaws from the dock to the parking lot.  Sometimes it was dangerous when the people rode quite fast in a sharp turn.


rice paddies surrounded by peaks, Yangshuo

A kind of Golf Car was introduced to Yangshuo, in Chinese it is called 'DianPingChe', means 'Electric Power Engine Car'.  The local government started to use these Golf Car to open the bus service lines in the town and its surrounding areas.  This was the first time Yangshuo has its local bus system.


Some local travel agents, like Sinoway Travel, offer Golf Car Rice Paddie Tour daily, with a local tour guide speaking English, knows where to stop for a breathtaking picture, explains local plants in the countryside, tells local stories and customs, a good alternative choice to try.  These type of tour guides are raised in this areas, know every small trail, greet to everyone you meet on the road.

Stations of Golf Car

  • Station of XiJieKou
    It is near the Yangshuo Regency Hotel, golf car goes from here to Impression Liu Sanjie theatre.  The fare is RMB20 per car, it can take 10 passengers, you can pay RMB20 to the car driver, then collect RMB2 from other passengers who want to share the cost later.  

  • Station of Li River Cruise
    10 minute walk from the Yangshuo International Passengers Pier.   You can take golf car from here to the Parking lot north outside downtown Yangshuo.   Most of passengers take their coach back to Guilin after Li River Cruise.  The ticket cost is RMB10 per person.

2 hours Rice Paddies Tour in Yangshuo

Rice paddie surrouned by peaks


rice paddies surrounded by peaks, YangshuoThe landscape and the rice paddise are astoundingly beautiful. The rice paddies are also the result of backbreaking labour by generations, the lifeline of their current tenants. Be nice to local people who is working in the fields. 


You might peer down into the the paddies, the water is clear and the mud lookes fine grained and smooth, marked only by occasional footprints.  Small fish – or maybe tadpoles – darted frantically away from you, stirring up clouds of silt in the water.


In late June or early July, you can see people working in the fields, bare feet sunk deep in the mud, backs bent, replanting each seedlings by hand. Kids wave at me and call hello.

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Rice paddies tour in Yangshuo
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