Top Visited Provinces in China



Yunnan is a melting pot of different Chinese minorities. Its 13 ethnic groups include the Bai, Yi, Hui, Miao and Naxi ethnic minorities, and all who come here are impressed. ......more



Visit Beijing, the heart of since ancient times, magnificent-Terra-cotta Warriors in Xian, shop at the most mordern city of Shanghai and enjoy the unforgettable scenery on Li River at Guilin......more



Guizhou is one of the most typical areas with the karst landscape in the world, and its karst terrains account for 73 percent of its total area.  Its special geological form and ......more

Trekking holiday in Yangshuo


In Guangxi, diverse minority groups have festivals and customs unique to the region, such as the reed flute festival of the Miao people and the firecracker festival of the Dong people.......more

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