The Weather in China's top cities

beijing weather


Beijing has a continental climate. Annual rainfall averages nearly 700 millimetres, most of it comes in July and August. Winter is dry and cold and has little snow, The frost-free period......more

xian weather


Since Xi'an is located in the fertile land of the central Guanzhong Plain, and nesled between rivers and mountains, the city enjoys a pleasant climate free of extremes with an average .......more

guangzhou weather


Guangzhou is located at about 23N and 113E, just on the Tropic of Cancer. So it is quite warm with nice weather conditions as follows: Iits annual average temperature: 21C -- 7C.....more

guilin weather


Guilin is in the subtropical and monsoon zone with four distinctive seasons.
Spring is warm and humid, rains frequently, it is the best time to take a boat ride on Li River. Summer .......more

The weather in other Chinese cities


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