Xian Weather Guide

  • City Name:
    Xian (Chinese: 西安, Pinyin:xian)
  • Population :
    Municipality 8,252,000, Metro: 2,670,000
  • Location :
    located at 34°16′N 108°56′E / 34.267°N 108.933°E / 34.267; 108.933
  • Overview:
    Since the 1990s, as part of the economic revival of interior China, the city of Xi'an has re-emerged as an important cultural, industrial and educational center.


Xian Weather


Since Xi'an is located in the fertile land of the central Guanzhong Plain, and nesled between rivers and mountains, the city enjoys a pleasant climate free of extremes with an average temperature of 13.3°C (55.9°F). The most pleasant seasons are spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November). Winters are cold, but not excessively so, with January averages of -1°C (30°F). Summers are dry and warm; the July average temperature is 27°C (81°F). The city receives comparatively low precipitation with most of the rainfall occurring during the summer and autumn months.


The optimum time to travel in Xi'an is from April to October. However, try to avoid the golden week of National Day (1 October to 7 October) holiday, when everyone in China seems to be traveling around.


The Spring Festival period in January or February should also be avoided since more and more families take trips rather than stay at home as in previous times. During the holiday weeks you can expect to have difficulty getting hotel reservations and ticket bookings. Traffic conditions usually worsen and prices are frequently much higher.



Xian weather record


Month Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precip
January 5.0° C -4.0° C 0.76 cm
February 8.0° C -2.0° C 1.02 cm
March 14.0° C 3.0° C 2.54 cm
April 20.0° C 9.0° C 5.08 cm
May 26.0° C 14.0° C 6.60 cm
June 32.0° C 19.0° C 5.08 cm
July 32.0° C 22.0° C 9.40 cm
August 31.0° C 21.0° C 6.60 cm
September 25.0° C 16.0° C 10.67 cm
October 19.0° C 10.0° C 6.6 cm
November 12.0° C 3.0° C 2.54 cm
December 6.0° C -3.0° C 0.51 cm


Xian weather forecast





Terracotta Army
There is a legend in Chinese ancient capital – Xi'an, but truly exists and has been lasting for thousands of years. That is Terracotta Army (also named Terracotta Warriors
City Wall
The fortifications of Xi'an, an ancient capital of China, are one of the oldest and best preserved Chinese city walls.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta), located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, was built in 652 during the Tang Dynasty and originally had five stories.