Zhejiang Weather

west lake, hangzhou
  • City Name:
    Hangzhou (Chinese: 杭州, Pinyin: Hángzhōu)
  • Population :
    Municipality 6,776,400, Metro: 3,407,600
  • Location :
    located at 30°15′N 120°10′E
  • Overview:
    Hangzhou is renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty. It is often known as one of the most beautiful cities in China.

Hangzhou has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers, and cool to cold, cloudy, damp winters with occasional flurries. The spring and autumn are much more pleasant. The annual average temperature is 15 to 17 degrees centigrade. The annual average rainfall is 1076 mm.


Hangzhou climate


Spring starts in March. The weather in spring, although considered the most beautiful season, is highly variable, with frequent rain and alternating spells of warmth and cold.


Summer starts in the month of June. The months of July and August are the hottest, recording an average high of 32 degrees. In spite of being hot and humid, summer is the peak season for tourism. Summers experience torrential rain quite frequently.  Summer is the peak tourist season, but is hot and oppressive, as the humidity makes it almost impossible for people not used to the environment to breathe properly. Clothes tend to get fairly wet after minutes of walking.


Autumn is generally sunny and dry, and the foliage season is in November.

Winters are typically grey and dreary, with little or no snowfall. Hangzhou winters are at times very chilly. Winter temperature often tends to drop below zero and records minus temperatures.


The best time to visit Hangzhou
The best time to travel to Hangzhou is April to October, when the trees and flowers of this garden city are green and in full bloom.


Hangzhou weather record


Avg. High
Avg. Low
Avg. Precip
7.8° C
0.0° C
4.06 cm
8.9° C
1.1° C
6.10 cm
13.3° C
5.0° C
8.38 cm
18.9° C
10.6° C
9.91 cm
24.4° C
15.6° C
10.67 cm
27.8° C
20.0° C
16.00 cm
32.2° C
24.4° C
12.95 cm
32.2° C
24.4° C
12.70 cm
27.8° C
20.0° C
12.95 cm
23.3° C
14.4° C
5.59 cm
17.2° C
8.3° C
4.57 cm
11.1° C
2.8° C
3.56 cm


Hangzhou weather forecast





Six Harmonies Pagoda
Now near Six Harnonies Pagoda, a Garden of Chines Ancient Pagodas with more than 100 pagodas and towers in various dynasties has been constructed to display Chines pagida culture integratedly.
Lingyin Temple
The entrance to the Lingyin monastery is lined with hundreds of rock grottos that contain detailed religious rock carvings of the big-bellied "Laughing Buddha."
Lingyin Temple
Zhejiang Province faces the East China Sea and has a long coastline. After watching the Qiantang tide at Hangzhou Bay, we took a speedboat to the Zhoushan Archipelago.