Stone Forest
  • City Name:
    Kunming (Chinese: 昆明, Pinyin:Kūnmíng)
  • Population :
    Municipality 6,800,000 Urban 3,200,000
  • Location :
    located at 25°04′N 102°41′E
  • Overview:
    kunming is known to visitors from home and abroad as the Spring City. The most famous attracion in Kunming is the Stone Forest.





Stone Forest
The Stone Forest Scenic Area is located in Shilin County, 89 kilometers from Kunming. The area, covering 350 square kilometers, is the highest karst terrain in the world and a national scenic area in China.
Western Hill
Western Hill - The forest reserve on the west bank of the Dianchi lake consists of the Huating, Taihan mountains, which extend for more than 40 kilometres.
Dianchi Lake
Dianchi, also called Kunming Lake, is located southwest of downtown Kunming. It is a freshwater fault lake at an altitude of 1,886.5 meters above sea level.