Yandang Mountain

Sprawling along the coast in southeastern Zhejiang Province, the city of Wenzhou is the economic, cultural, and communications center in southern Zhejiang. It has been a principal trading port in China since the Tang Dynasty and is a renowned hometown of many outstanding overseas Chinese. The city is famous for its commerce, handicrafts, arts and crafts. The numerous scenic spots and places of historic interest make the city a tourist center in southern Zhejiang. Two of the remarkable scenic spots around Wenzhou are the Yandang Mountain and the Nanxi River.

Yandang Mountain
Towering to the northeast of Yueqing City, Yandang Mountain is called a "famous mountain on the sea" and made a name among the famous mountains in the country for its enchanting landscape of grotesque peaks, strangely shaped rocks, secluded caves, rolling hills, swift currents, and cascading waterfalls.

Nanxi River
The 625-square-kilometer scenic area in Yongjia County is known for its beautiful waters, exotic rocks, many waterfalls, time honored villages, enchanting shoals, and forests. Here the landscape and the rural scenes are in great harmony, ideal for sightseeing and scientific investigations. There are seven scenic spot zones, of which Daru o Crag, the middle section of the Nanxi River, and Shiwei Crag have been developed and open to the public. Drifting on the middle reaches of the river makes one completely relaxed and happy.

In the Nanxi River Scenic Spot, one of the attractions was the corridor bridges. If too deeply involved in the story of The Bridges of Madison County,Langxi River tourists would always think that these corridor bridges are romantic structures full of stories. In fact, lots of these bridges could be found in this scenic spot, which was really their home setting.

The grey bridges stand silently above the rivers, with the rubbish of modern life floating past occasionally. If these bridges had life and dignity, they would sigh with regret.

The famous corridor bridge is called Santiao Bridge. It is nothing special in terms of its architecture, but it is well integrated with its surroundings. Since it is built over a deep gorge, it is well protected against destructive forces. It is said that the Santiao Bridge was probably the oldest corridor bridge in China. If it was really built in the Tang dynasty (618-907), it is also the oldest corridor bridge anywhere in the world.

Closing your eyes and listening to the whisper of the wind through leaves, it seemes that time itself standds still when you are strolling on the bridge.



Six Harmonies Pagoda
Now near Six Harnonies Pagoda, a Garden of Chines Ancient Pagodas with more than 100 pagodas and towers in various dynasties has been constructed to display Chines pagida culture integratedly.
Lingyin Temple
The entrance to the Lingyin monastery is lined with hundreds of rock grottos that contain detailed religious rock carvings of the big-bellied "Laughing Buddha."
China Tea Museum
Located in the Longjing (Dragon Well) Village -- a tea growing area south of the West Lake District in Hangzhou, the China Tea Museum was completed and opened to the public in October 1990.