Shenzhen Tourism

  • City Name:
    Shenzhen ( Chinese: 深圳, Pinyin: Shēn zhèn)
  • Population :
    Urban: 4,000,000
  • Location :
    Situated immediately north of Hong Kong.
  • Overview:
    Shenzhen's modern cityscape is the result of the vibrant economy made possible by rapid investment since the late 1970s, when it was a small fishing village.




Shenzhen is the first special economic zone of China, located in the southern part of Guangdong province. Shenzhen Window of the World is a famous tourist attraction here, it is a collection of famous world sites in miniature.

In 1979, under the policies of reformist leader Deng Xiaoping, Shenzhen successfully became the first special economic zone of China. Demarcated from HongKong by the river and bordering Kowloon, the city is usually considered as the "backyard" of HongKong.



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Shenzhen covers an area of 2,020 square kilometers and has a population of 4.05 million. Enjoying the humid subtropical climate, the weather is mild all the year round. The best seasons to visit Shenzhen are spring, autumn and winter. Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Express and Beijing -Kowloon Railway link Shenzhen to many other cities. Bao'an International Airport in Shenzhen is one of the largest in China.



History of Shenzhen


At first, Shenzhen was known as Bao'an County. According to the ancient records, it was called Shenzhen since 1410 during the Ming Dynasty. By literally,Shenzhen means “deep drains”, because there are so many streams and rivers crisscrossed in this region. Besides, there were deep drains in the paddy fields, so the local people called the drains in paddy fields “zhen”. In 1979, Shenzhen was promoted to prefecture level, and governed by Guangdong province directly.



Shenzhen tourism


Shenzhen tourism has been booming all the time since 1980s with a dozen historic relics, newly built modern attractions and tourist resorts.There are many excellent theme parks, such as China folk culture village, Window of the World , Happy Valley of Shenzhen and Splendid China and so on.


Some other famous tourist attractions are Botanical Garden, Honey Lake Holiday Village, Nan'ao Bay, Lichi Park, Shiyanhu Hot Spring Villa, Xiaomeisha, Maluan Mountain and Dafen oil painting village, etc.


The Sea World of Shenzhen is well known for the Minghua ship and the sea world plaza. It offers colourful celebration during the Chinese New Year, such as performances of Chinese wushu(martial arts), lion dances, wooden drum blessing, etc.



Must see


Window of the World

Window of the World is a collection of famous world sites in miniature. If you don't have time to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris , the Taj Mahal in Dehli or the Pyramids, then you can see them all (in mini) here in an afternoon! .......more

China Folk Culture Village

China Folk Culture Village is mainly to represent the histories and mysteries of China's 56 ethnic groups, showing its diverse cuisines, folk customs, art and music, festivals and architectures. .......more

splendid China

Splendid China is the largest miniature park in the world. The park's theme is reflects China's history, culture, art, ancient architecture, customs and habits of 56 nationalities. There are more than 100 China's major tourist attractions have been miniaturized and laid out .......more



Folk Culture Village
This is a fun place which recreates the life of 24 ethnic minority villages from throughout China in downtown Shenzhen.
Lichi Park
Litchi Park is a pleasant urban park composed of many pretty pavilions and landscaped gardens. 
nanao bay

The seafood from Nan'ao Bay is exceptionally fresh and tasty and this is a great area to sample some more unusual sea creatures!

Maluan Mountain
Extremely popular among avid hikers because it's easy, safe, beautiful and varied with clear streams, lush woods, Chinese plum blossoms.
Botanical Garden
The gardens are not spectacular but this large, green and clean space is a refreshing and welcome change from the rest of this concrete city.