Hong Kong Travel Permit

Hong Kong
  • Province:
    Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港 , Pinyin: Xiang Gang)
  • Population :
  • Area :
    1,104square km (426 square mile)
  • Overview:
    The contrasts in Hong Kong are extremely fascinating, of more than 7 million people in habiting here most are Chinese but many Pakistanis, Indians, Europeans and many other nationalities call Hong Kong their home. Hong Kong, is really the area of playing Amongst Skyscrapers.




Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China under the One Country. Two Systems policy so visa requirements are different from the Chinese mainland. Holders of passports from Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and most Western European countries don't require visas.


Hong Kong is home to many consulates so it's a good place to pick up visas. Apply for visas to China at the local CITS or any travel agent. Be aware that entering Hong Kong from Chinese mainland invalidates your Chinese visa, unless it's a multiple entry visa, and you'll have to apply for a new visa to reenter Chinese mainland.


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Advice on Individual Cases


If you have a close connection with the HKSAR by birth or long period of residence in the Region, you may not require a visa or entry permit. If this case does not apply to you, you will need a visa or entry permit to work, study, establish or join in any business or to take up residence in the HKSAR. However, you may not need a visa or entry permit for visit, depending on your nationality / type of travel document you hold. Please read the details below.


Case of no visa or entry permit


No visa or entry permit is required for any purpose if you hold any of the following travel documents:


Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport, British National (Overseas) Passport, Hong Kong Certificate of Identity, Hong Kong Re-entry permit (for entry from the Mainland of China and the Macao Special Administrative Region only), Hong Kong Seaman's Identity Book, Hong Kong Document of Identity for Visa Purposes provided that the document is valid or the holder's limit of stay in Hong Kong has not expired.


Travel documents bearing one of the following endorsements: "Holder's eligibility for Hong Kong permanent identity card verified." "The holder of this travel document has the right to land in Hong Kong. (Section 2AAA, Immigration Ordinance, Cap. 115, Laws of Hong Kong)" Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.


Must see


Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island is home to one of the most impressive and recognizable skylines in the world. In Central, the buildings appear to stretch the sky and on the ground there seems to be an infinite amount of people bustling through their day...more


Kowloon, which faces Hong Kong across the harbor at the top of the peninsula, is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The buildings here aren't as glitzy as on the island but nonetheless, it's a very dynamic commercial area...more

New Territories

A nice respite from the busy streets is visiting the New Territories and its outlying islands. Many visitors are surprised that there's more to Hong Kong than the island and Kowland. The rural areas and nature reserves are a world away from the glam and glitter of urban Hong Kong...more



Victoria Harbour
Victoria Harbour is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong, is flanked by impressive skylines. The harbour is known for impressive views and scintillating public shows.
Hong Kong Disneyland
Disneyland in Hong Kong, credited as the first theme park of China, is different from other disneylands of the world, for it has natural backdrop of verdant mountains and undulating landscape.
Repulse Bay
Primarily an exclusive residential area, Repulse Bay has a relaxed, resort-like atmosphere. The wide beach is popular with residents and great for sandy strolls.
Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is high above Hong Kong Island on the 'back of the Dragon', Victoria Peak is Hong Kong's premier visitor attraction, providing magnificent harbour and city views.