Shanghai Jinmao Tower

shanghai jinmao tower

As the tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world, JinMaoTower is located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Pudong. It is an intelligent building offering services for business, hotel, recreation, sightseeing and shopping. It covers a total construction area of 290,000 square meters and is 420.5 meters high. It has 88 stories above the ground, three stories underground and a six-story annex. From the third to the 50th floor are offices and starting from the 53rd floor, the building is occupied by the Grand Hyatt hotel. The 88th floor is the highest and largest sightseeing hall in China. JinMaoTower is not only a new tourist attraction, but also a window through which people from other parts of the world may get a better understanding of Shanghai and Pudong.


Standing in the middle of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone and by the Huangpu River, it overlooks the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the distance, and next to the tunnel on Yanan Road, East, and will soon be reached by No 2 Subway. The main building is 420.5-m high, with 88 stories aboveground and 3 stories underground, occupying an area of 23,611 sq.m., with a total floor space of 290,000 sq.m. Jin Mao Building is an intelligence-type high-riser, combinig the functions of office, business and hotel. The 3 rd-50 th floors are spacious, bright and pillar-less offices able to accommodate over ten thousand people at work at the same time; the 51-52 floors are electric and machinery equipment floors; the 53 rd to 87 th floors house are the world's tallest super 5- star Jin Mao Grand Hyatt Hotel. In the central cylinder from the 56 th floor to the top of the tower is a 27 dia.-142-m high atrium in the air with sunlight reflecting through the glass. Around the atrium are 555 guest rooms of different sizes and styles and different Chinese and Western restaurants. On the in the air. The 88 th floor, 341 m from the ground, is the sightseeing floor, the highest at present in the country and able to accommodate over a thousand visitors. Two elevators with a peed of 9.1m/sec. Are working to transport visitors in 45 seconds from the first basement to the sightseeing floor. Here, looking around and to the far distance, one can have a whole view of new Shanghai



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