Crown Cave

Crown Cave




Located in Caoping Village, and on the eastern bank of Li River is Crown Cave, which has a deep underground river. Taking the shape of a crown, this cave, standing on the bank of the Li River, for hundreds of years, has attracted countless poets, scholars and nobles. In 1637, Xu Xiake, an ancient traveler in China, visited here and was regarded as the first visitors to this cave.



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The cave lasts for 12km, and only 3km near the river is explored. Due to the perennial obturation, the cave was well preserved. Inside the cave, stalagmites stand here and there, grotesque and imposing, leading people into a fairyland. An underground stream originating from Mt. Haiyang empties into the Li River from this cave, with the deepest spot over 10 meters. Equipped with automatic light and sound control guide system, the cave now looks more enchanting than ever. Besides, modern facilities such as railroad car, yacht and sightseeing elevator provide convenience to visitors.




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