Guizhou Guide

  • Province:
    Guizhou (simplified Chinese: 贵州 Pinyin: Guizhou)
  • Population :
  • Area :
    176,100 sq km (68,000 sq mi)
  • Overview:
    Guizhou is located in the southwestern part of China. It is one of the provinces that contains the most minority groups. The minority groups account for more than 37% of the total population. 55.5% of the province area is designated as autonomous regions for them.




Guizhou is situated in the southwest of China, it boasts picturesquare landscapes, pleasant climate and varied and rich tourism resources, hence it enjoys a reputation of being the " tourism treasure house of China, and the natural park in the world".


It is one of the provinces that contains the most minority groups. The minority groups account for more than 37% of the total population and they include Yao, Miao, Yi, Qiang, Dong, Zhuang, Buyi, Bai, Tujia, Gelao and Shui. 55.5% of the province area is designated as autonomous regions for them.



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Guizhou province has an area of 176,000 aquare km, and population of 39 million, of which the 17 ethnic minorities that have lived in Guizhou for generation make up 39 percent. Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou province. Other major cities include Anshun, Kaili, Zunyi, Duyun, Liupanshui and Qingzhen.


Guizhou Geography


Overall Guizhou is a mountainous province however it is more hilly in the west while the eastern and southern parts are relatively flat. Guizhou is one of the most typical areas with the karst landform in the world, and its karst terrains account for 73 percent of its total area. its special geological form and special geographical conditions have given birth to the karst features integrating mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves, lakes and forests.



Guizhou Tourism


Over the past many years, all the people of different ethnic groups in Guizhou have well preserved the time-honored original ecological culture, unsophisticated and strong customs and lifestyle, unusual architectural structures, costumes, food, wedding customs, festivals, celebrations, songs and dances, and sacrificial rites, showing the folk customs and lifestyle in varied colorful splendor.


As one of the top tourist province in China, the top tourist attractions and Minority Ethnics and Festivals in Guizhou include Huangguoshu waterfall, Basha Village, Tangan village, Tunpu village, Suoga Ecological Museum, Kaili Museu, Maling River Gorge, Sisters' meal festival, Sanyuesan Festival of Buyi Ethnic, New Year Festival, Taiguanren Festival, Lusheng festival, Taijiang Dragon Lantern Festival and so on.



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Guiyang, a top tourist city in China, is the capital of Guizhou province and was known as the summer resort capital of China. It is the biggest city, the economic and commercial hub of Guizhou ...more


Kaili is a city in the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, a significant population of Miao and Gejia live in Kaili. Kaili is host to more than 120 Miao festivals throughout the year....more


Zhaoxing is one of the largest Dong villages in the region, many local people continue to wear traditional clothing and speak only their native Dong language. ...more



Must-see Villages in Guizhou and Guangxi
      Basha      Zhaoxing      Tang'An      Xijiang      Sanjiang      Longsheng     

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Huangguoshu Waterfall
huangguoshu waterfall
Huangguoshu or "Yellow Orchard" Waterfall is the most famous waterfall in China
sisters' meal festival
Kaili is the capital of Miao and Dong Minority Autonomous Prefecture in the southeastern Guizhou, lots of interesting villages nearby.
The drum tower is the highest and most revered structure in the old town of Zhaoxing.
Basha Miao Village
In Guizhou, Miao ethnic in Basha village might be the only native trible who still dress in traditional clothes during their work.
TangAn Village
TangAn Village
The TangAn village is located about 6 km east of Zhaoxing, it is on the southern side of Mount Longte